Who We Are

Originally established in 1987 under the name of the Mason Tenders’ District Council Asbestos Training Program, the Fund changed its name in 1995 to the Mason Tenders’ Training Fund.


Governed by a labor/management Board of Trustees and staffed by a highly professional team of instructors and office personnel, today the Fund is the most robust, well attended, and busiest LIUNA training affiliate in the entire Union.


We proudly serve the hardworking brothers and sisters of Construction and Building Laborers’ Local 79, Asbestos, Lead, and Hazardous Waste Laborers’ Local 78, and LIUNA Residential Construction and General Service Workers’ Local 10.  Over 15,000 strong, these members are keenly aware of the importance of good training.  They routinely take full advantage of the courses the Fund offers, and regularly return for upgrade training.


Nowhere in this nation are more classes held, and more members trained in more languages that at the MTTF of NY.  Each year approximately 20,000 students pass through our classrooms to improve their skills, understand safe work practices, and make themselves more valuable to a construction industry desperate for a productive well trained workforce.


The MTTF of NY offers over 60 different courses, with most available in the English, Spanish, and Polish languages.   The Fund’s ability to address the needs of a diverse group of student participants is its greatest strength.  It embraces that diversity like no other construction trade training provider in NY City, or anywhere else.


The Mason Tenders’ Training Fund of NY is the Power to Excel in NY City.