General Construction Courses

BLUEPRINT READING                                   32 and 80 Hour courses

Course is specifically designed for students who wish to develop plan reading skills.  Instructor explains types of symbols that are used to show building materials on prints.  Students study the plans and specifications of a brick veneer residence, the plans of a store or apartment, types of light frame construction, plans of a frame residence and the plans and specifications of a Wendy’s restaurant.

CONCRETE PRACTICES & PROCEDURES                               16 Hours

The Concrete Practices and Procedures course prepares the trainee to work in this potentially hazardous field. Safety issues are covered in depth, as well as other job safety concerns such as trenching, formwork, and construction safety awareness.  Through lecture and hands-on training, the student becomes familiar with construction math and measurements, project planning, and site preparation.

CONFINED SPACE ENTRY                                                             8 Hours

This training course is designed for workers who do not necessarily work in confined spaces, but whose job brings them in close contact with them.  The course covers the characteristics of confined spaces and permit required confined spaces, hazardous atmospheres, pre-entry testing, physical hazards, Confined Space Entry Teams and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

CONSTRUCTION MATH                                                           16 Hours

Involves fundamental and industry specific principles of mathematics including, basic operations, measurement, formulas, conversions.  Students practice a variety of concepts through exercises.

CRAFT ORIENTATION                                                          4 Hours

Craft Orientation is given to newly recruited apprentices to give them a sense of what is necessary to do well as a General Building or Environmental Construction Craft Labor.  Material is covered and questions are answered regarding our industry and our union.

DEMOLITION / DECONSTRUCTION                                 32 Hours

The classroom portion of Demolition/Deconstruction analyzes the difference between and the reasons for Demolition and Deconstruction, including methodological differences.  It includes components of Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, Environmental Hazard Awareness (Asbestos, Lead, Silica, etc.), Hoisting & Rigging, Fall Protection, Scaffold User and Hand & Power Tools (maintenance, use and caring of tools).  The hands-on portion provides opportunity for each student to work on the practical application of hand & power tools as they pertain to Demolition and Deconstruction.  The tools used for hands-on are: oxy-acetylene torch, grinder, power saw, screw guns, reciprocating saws, drills, etc.

FALL PROTECTION AWARENESS                                     4 Hours

Course discusses the types of fall arrest systems.  Instructor shows the types of safety harnesses and explains/demonstrates how to wear, adjust, tie-off, check and use them properly.  Students, through hands-on application, learn how to inspect and wear different harnesses.

FIREPROOFING                                                                     16 Hours

The Fireproofing material presents both technical and common sense details of what you will encounter on this scope of work. The hands-on section provides a simulation of the most common field conditions. Setting up the job, mixing, spraying, maintenance and trouble shooting, safety and cleanup are covered in detail.

FLAGGER SAFETY                                                                        4 Hours

This course presents the proper procedures to be followed when working in any type of traffic control situation.  It covers flagger responsibilities, positioning, communication, and equipment.  It discusses roadway scenarios such as hills, curves, pilot cars, and night flagging.  Hands-on flagging demonstrations are included.

INTRO TO CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION                              40 Hours

This course provides you with an overview of each of the courses within LIUNA’s Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP). It serves as a preview to topics related to construction supervision, such as: project planning and estimating, construction contracts, job safety and health issues, computer skills, communication and problem solving, and recordkeeping and documentation.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION                                     16 and 40 Hours

Trainees will learn a basic knowledge of various tools used in construction and how to use them, use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and the operation of different electrical, powder actuated and air tools, basic industry math, knotting and rigging, PPE and health and safety issues.  This course covers general information on all aspects of our scope of work.

HAND & POWER TOOL APPLICATION                             16 Hours

Hand & Power Tool Application is a hands-on course that covers the proper maintenance and care for hand and power tools that are most commonly seen on jobsites.  This is geared for both new and seasoned journey workers. This 8 hour course re-enforces “using the proper tools for the proper job” through practical application of heavy duty pavement breakers, the 60 lb. demolition gun, grinders,  screw guns, reciprocating saws, drills, etc.

HAZARD COMMUNICATION                                               4 Hours

Course covers the Hazard Communication regulations and guidelines for recognizing (and protecting yourself from), exposure to hazardous chemicals on a job site.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) are covered in great detail.  Students will gain a better understanding of chemical labels and lists, different chemicals used in construction and common MSDS terms.

LEARN TO BURN (Oxy-Acetylene Torch)                                20 Hours

This course is designed to develop an individual’s burning skills and will focus on both the safety and the hands-on aspects of oxy-acetylene torch cutting and burning.  Students who have taken the Certificate of Fitness-Torch Use (G60 or G95) with the MTTF but have not taken the burning exam with the NYFD can still take this training class.

LINE & GRADE                                                                               16 Hours

The Line & Grade Training Course provides the necessary skills for maintaining elevation and alignment control points for heavy highway and civil construction projects. Construction math, calculation of depths, elevations and slopes, staking procedures and hands-on use of measurement techniques and equipment are the highlights of this course.

MASON TENDING PROCEDURES                                     32 Hours

Course introduces students to the concepts of mason tending.  Included are necessary technical skills, as well as, the safety regulations on a job site.  Important terms, definitions, tools and materials are identified. Students learn the proper mixtures through hands-on use from set up, clean up to completion.  They will learn to calculate the amount of material & time necessary to get the job done.  Time is divided between hands on technique and classroom theory.

NYC DOB SUSPENDED SCAFFOLD                                   16 Hours

This class was developed to ensure individuals who complete this course will be able to: identify dangers and hazards, react properly to unforeseen or unusual situations, have respect for safety practices, be aware of NYCDOB and OSHA requirements, use of fall protection, lifelines, proper tieback, care for scaffold and storage, material on scaffold etc.  This is a thorough comprehensive class regarding suspended scaffold.

OSHA 10                                                                                   12 Hours

Course provides trainees with the contents of the OSHA 1926 Code of Federal Regulation standards to fulfill OSHA’s training requirements.  This course is presented by instructors who have completed the instructional training recognized by an OSHA Training Institute.  Trainees learn about standards that should be adhered to on construction sites and the issues in creating a safe and healthy work environment.

PIPE LAYING                                                                          16 Hours

Trainees will learn Trenching & Excavation safety, To measure, clean and glue pipe.  They will work will TY’s, cleanouts and 90 degree angles.  Gravity flow pipe systems, sewers, sub drains and subsoil drains will be covered and line & grade and construction math will be refreshed and reviewed.  Students will be provided information regarding safe practices and procedures during pipe laying construction.

PLASTER TENDING                                                               16 Hours

History of plastering, tools and equipment, materials (gypsum, lime, cementious, aggregate and additional plaster materials), and mixing are covered in this course.  In addition, mechanical spray pumps (setup, washing out) moving mortar, the three coat method and keeping ahead of the job while recognizing and correcting common problems are explored.

POWDER ACTUATED TOOLS                                              8 Hours

This course will identify and cover the proper use of Powder Actuated Tools and their safety concerns.  Students will have hands-on use of powder actuated tools (nail gun) The certification provided by MTTF upon successful completion of this course is from HILTI.

SCAFFOLD USER SAFETY                                                             4 Hours

This class discusses regulations for wind loads, weight limits and requirements for overhead protection.  Instructors demonstrate while the students practice checking, securing, overlapping planks, installing cross bracing, toe boards and guardrails. Students practice installing ladders and stairways and learn proper anchorage procedures.

32 HR. SCAFFOLD BUILDER SAFETY                                     32 Hours

This course meets the requirements for training under NYC Scaffold Law No. 52. In addition to all information covered in the Scaffold User class, this course offers extensive practical training. Hands-on training will focus on proper erection of scaffolds that includes appropriate scaffold foundations, inside and outside returns, proper bracing and tying of scaffolds, safe planking and rail systems, as well as approved access systems, and more.

SHOP STEWARD (NEW)                                                        8 Hours

This eight hour intensive course certifies individuals who would like to be sent to work as Shop Stewards.  The certification lasts one year, upon which time the member must complete the Shop Steward Refresher Course.  The member will be provided with the structure of LIUNA, the Mason Tenders’ District Council, the Local Union, Labor history, GNY LECET, Apprenticeship, the grievance process and the Collective Bargaining Process.

SHOP STEWARD REFRESHER                                            4 Hours

This class is required for individuals who need to renew their Shop Steward Certification.  This course provides Shop Stewards with a review of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, up-to-date information regarding any changes in Shop Steward policies and procedures, and updating of any federal, state, and local laws affecting the performance of their duties.