Asbestos Certification Courses

ALLIED TRADES RESTRICTED HANDLER                              12 Hours

The Allied Trades Restricted Handler is a 12-hour course that includes eight (8) hours of classroom and four (4) hours of hands-on training.  After successful completion, members will be issued a New York State Department of Health Certificate of Asbestos Safety Training.  Members would NEXT apply for the New York State Department of Labor Restricted Handler – Allied Trades Certificate and the New York City Restricted Asbestos Handler Certificate. Possession of these certifications is required to be able to work around asbestos on a jobsite without performing abatement handling.


The Allied Trades Restricted Handler Refresher is an 8 hour course refreshing those who carry the Allied Trades Restricted Handler License.  The material covered is a review of the information provided in the Allied Trades Restricted Handler Course.  Refreshers are required prior to expiration of the Allied Trades License each year.

ASBESTOS HANDLER INITIAL                                          32 Hours

Course focuses on the hazards of asbestos, the specific procedures used on the job, and the legal rights of workers.  During this course, trainees have an opportunity to participate in group discussion and hands-on exercises.  The course covers the health effects of asbestos, medical monitoring, personal protective equipment (PPE), preparing the work area, setting up the decontamination unit, use of negative pressure air filter systems, air monitoring and hazard communications.

ASBESTOS HANDLER REFRESHER                                   8 Hours

This course is designed to meet the refresher course requirements of the EPA and State regulations.  All individuals renewing their asbestos handler license is presented with up to date information regarding new Federal and State regulations, equipment, work procedures and current safety standards regarding asbestos.

ASBESTOS SUPERVISOR INITIAL                                     40 Hours

This course is necessary for those who wish to obtain the Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor License.  The current regulations and asbestos abatement technology are covered, as well as, types of asbestos, health concerns, legal standards, respiratory protection, work practices and record keeping.  Emphasis is placed on enhancing leadership and communication skills.

ASBESTOS SUPERVISOR REFRESHER                             8 Hours

This is a required course for individuals who need to renew an Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor License.  Supervisors are provided with up-to-date information concerning new regulations and advancements in asbestos abatement technologies.  This course is a condensed version of the 40 hour Asbestos Supervisor Initial Course.

ASBESTOS AWARENESS                                                      4 Hours

Course provides a history of asbestos and its uses, reviews the health effects caused by asbestos exposure, review the regulations upon an asbestos site such as exposure limits and assessment, provides different sampling methods, informs about hazard communication, covers worker’s legal rights and describes personal protective equipment and safe work practices.