The Mason Tenders’ Training Fund is home to two NY State Registered Apprenticeship programs. Both Construction and Building Laborers’ Local 79, and Asbestos, Lead, and Hazardous Waste Laborers’ Local 78 have had their apprentices trained at the MTTF since their inceptions.


Hundreds of people with the dream of a career in the construction industry began their quest with us. Local 79’s program alone has graduated over 500 apprentices since 1998. Today, graduates from both programs are having successful careers as Skilled Construction Craft Laborers throughout NY City.


These successes are the result of hard work and dedication. Apprenticeship is a combination of classroom and on the job learning. Our programs train in all areas of the Skilled Construction Craft Laborer trade. The skills learned at the MTTF include, but are not limited to, general construction, site maintenance, interior and total building demolition, mason tending, asbestos and lead abatement, and hazardous waste operations.


Most importantly, though, all of our training is based on the concept of safety first. Whether the course concentrates on safety alone, or centers on a specific skill, safe work practices are at the core of the instruction.


Successful apprentices participate in roughly 400 hours of classroom training supplemented by 4,000 hours working on various jobsites throughout NY City.


While apprentices do not get paid while they take classes at the Training Fund, they are paid (and paid well) while they learn on the job.


So, when you balance the costs of college against the earnings of apprenticeship, you could very well end up hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead through one of our apprenticeship programs.